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「ひと」は体内に存在する「海」に守られている。”Human” is protected by an “ocean” that exists inside a body.






Did you know that amniotic fluid, what allows the fetus to grow into a baby inside the mother, is almost the same in mineral breakdown as sea water? So much so that its not an overstatement to say that we humans are raised in an ocean, and born into an ocean.

After conception happens, a fetus/baby lives inside the mother for close to 10 months.  During that period, the baby shows tremendous and exponential growth.  Amniotic fluid serves as cushioning, and is very important to the baby’s existence. 

As you inspect the mineral breakdown of the amniotic fluid, it is almost identical to that of sea water.  Please see the charts. (Japanese only)

It is still not known why amniotic fluid is so similar to sea water.  In anycase, it can be said that perhaps the amniotic fluid provides the perfect mineral environment to where the body grows, or recovers.  I would really like to see where science takes this discovery.


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